Boot Camp Assessments #15 — Week 61: I Am Officially a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer!


Unless you’re new to my site (and if you are, WELCOME, and thanks for stopping by… hopefully you’ll be back!), you already know that I’ve been an assistant trainer for Mega WorX Training’s evening boot camp class four days a week since March 4th. I’ve never agonized over a test quite this much! I finally got the courage to submit my final exam for the Personal Fitness Trainer course for grading after checking and double checking everything for over a week… It was certainly no walk in the park, but as of June 20th I am now a personal trainer!!! That’s right, I PASSED the final exam :)

Assessments: Today starts week 61… My 1-mile run time was 8 minutes 57 seconds. I did 73 sit ups in 2 minutes and 74 push ups in 2 minutes. My weight and measurements have been pretty stable; my waist is now 29.5″ which THRILLED me.

I start my own boot camp class on October 14th!!! We are in the process of organizing and promoting the class in order to fill up the participant roster between now and then, but it’s official and that feels REALLY great.

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Did I Mention I’m Savage? {You Can Be, Too…}


So far this year I have done 5 races — a 15K (9.3 miles), two 5K (3.1 miles), a 5K obstacle and a 10K (6.2 miles) obstacle. Man, I love it!! My favorite of them all, however, has hands down been the Savage Race (the 10K – approximately) which I just did the weekend before last. I loved it so much that I am doing it again in October AND I talked Barry into doing this 25-obstacle race with me.

And if you’re like me and want it all captured on camera, you’re doing it all with one hand. Truly, truly badass. {Click here to view all of the obstacles!}

Interested in challenging yourself? Click the link below to continue reading — see video footage of my experience and grab a coupon code to save you a few bucks off your registration!

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Boot Camp Assessments #13 — Week 53: 2 Days from 1 Year Mark – Time For New Goals!


Tonight was my 13th assessment with my trainer. Today starts week 53 and tomorrow is the last day in my first year of my fitness journey. I’m SO proud of everything I have accomplished in the last 364 days. Here is a picture of how far I have come:

Running — May 1, 2012 I was running (haha – running, yeah change that to barely even jogging) a mile in 17 minutes, 32 seconds. I’ve cut EXACTLY 9 minutes off that time — tonight I finished my mile in 8 minutes, 32 seconds.
Core strength — May 1, 2012 I was able to do 26 situps in 2 minutes. Tonight I did 70 (my personal record is 73).
Upper body strength — May 1, 2012 I was able to do NO military pushups at all. I couldn’t lift myself once I lowered no matter how hard I tried (more due to my lack of core strength than lack of arm strength, actually). I did only 29 modified (on my knees like a girl) pushups back then. Now I would sooner eat a bug than even THINK about putting my knees on the ground for a pushup. I did 74 military pushups in 2 minutes tonight (my personal record is 80).
Weight — May 1, 2012 I weighed 171.8 … I am now weighing in at 144.0 (my lowest weight before I started strength training to build muscle was 141.8). I went from a size 14 to a size 6 within 8 months.

I’m a totally new person and I love it.

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GIVEAWAY: FREE Vampire 5K Race Registration – Atlanta Run!

runfrombw copy

Friday, Barry and I will be running in the Vampire 5K – Atlanta at Six Flags in Austell, GA! This will be the first race he has run with me (first race he has run ever, actually) which I am REALLY excited about… but even more than that, it’s going to be FUN! We are registered along with a couple of friends of mine from boot camp as Citizens so we’ll be racing to finish without getting bit by the Vampires! And YOU have a chance on this post to win free registration to join us.

Which side will you choose — Vampire or Citizen?
The run begins Friday night at 7:30pm and ends under a full moon! Citizens will be wearing white and will start in one location. Vampires will be wearing black and have a different starting point. The two paths intersect at a point unknown to the runners and that’s when it gets interesting!

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Fitness Update — Week 52: Wait, Whaaaat? Week 52? :) Daaaaang!


I’m at 27% bodyfat which is healthy, but I likely won’t even start to develop a 6-pack in my abs until I’m <20% so that’s my goal. I have amped up my workout routines to be a combination of fat burning, muscle building and cardio twice a day as well as adding weight training — gym in the morning and boot camp in the evening, bodyweight squats each day, as many pushups as I can within a 2-minute period (preparation for boot camp assessments) and running 7-9 miles a week. Starting Monday I will be using more of the barbell weights rather than machines. The more I learn about the body’s adaptations & responses to certain movement patterns, the less I’m impressed with what my body is learning with regard to the limited range of motion that exists with machine-assisted weight training. Click below to read the full article and find out more about my diet, the status of my Fitness Trainer certification and get a little encouraging motivation! :)

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Boot Camp Assessments #12 — Week 50: Two Goals KILLED, One to Go! {& I Did the Color Run!}


This is WEEK 50… I have TWO WEEKS left until I’ve been doing boot camp for ONE YEAR!! *squeaaaaal* As for Assessments #12 – those took place last Monday (the 1st) and I DID reach my goal of 8 minutes, 45 seconds for my mile which I am still THRILLED about and hoping to cut a few more seconds off before May 1 (my one year fitness anniversary). I did 77 pushups in 2 minutes and 67 situps in 2 minutes. My measurements and weight are stable and although I had set a goal of 135, I’ve figured out that I’m currently at my ideal weight and I have pretty much weighed in between 143 and 145 consistently for several months. At this point I don’t have any weight or measurement-related goals. All of my goals going forward will be focused on strength and speed.

Saturday I finished my third race, The Color Run, with two other trainers from Mega WorX Training where I work: Matthew, who is the owner and my personal trainer for the last year, as well as Alyssa, the assistant trainer for our morning boot camp class. We had a BLAST.

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VLOG: Elbow. Tendinitis? Maybe. Maybe Not… :(

I can’t say I’m quite sure WHAT is going on with my stupid elbow this week but whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it qualifies as being my very first ever sports injury. Yes, people. Boot camp. It’s my sport.

Yes, it is.

Anyway. Monday we did yoga, which I’ve never done and I guess I didn’t realize how much of a strain it was putting on my elbow when we did the sun whatevers and then going down and coming up into the cobra position. She emphasized to keep our elbows tight against our sides as we did that motion and I felt my right elbow getting sort of weak but I’m a push-through-er so I kept going when I probably should have either listened to my arm and said screw yoga or asked to make sure I would doing the exercise with proper form… stupid, stupid Kat. And what’s frustrating is that I *KNOW* how important form is. Gah.

I may try to get up to Urgent Care tomorrow or at least Monday before boot camp assessments to see what’s going on. I’ll let y’all know when I do.

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Mamavation TV: I Had Fun Interviewing with Leah Segedie Tonight!

Did you miss my interview with Leah Segedie where I spoke to the ladies of Mamavation about MY take on fitness tonight? I shared a little bit about my own journey and gave some advice to those who are standing in the shoes I occupied a few short months ago!!! No worries if you didn’t tune in – you can catch it below! I apologize in advance for my shoddy internet connection — many of you know how much I’ve complained about Charter lately, but even though you can’t SEE me all that clearly, the audio is not affected for the majority of the video. Enjoy!

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Fitness Update — Week 48: I Completed an Obstacle Race & Led a Boot Camp Class!


I’m now only 38 days away from my 1 YEAR fitness anniversary. In the last 327 days I have accomplished more than I did in all of the 1095 days prior! I would start off strong and when it seemed like a hopeless process I would give up – I convinced myself that the damage was done and I figured it would be best to just accept that as a mother of five children, my body would never be the same.

Boy, was I wrong…

How long have you been putting off that much-needed change in your life? YOU are in control no matter how much it feels that you aren’t. Giving up will get you nowhere… So keep going and I promise you’ll surprise even yourself :)

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Fitness Update — Week 46: Saturday is My Next Race! {5K Foam Fest!}


One thing I haven’t really gotten too much into detail about are the races I’m planning to participate this year. I ran my FIRST official race in January — the Hot Chocolate 15K — and it was a great experience for me. It left me feeling extremely accomplished and thirsty for another opportunity. My next official race is this coming Saturday and it’s also a first for me — my first obstacle race!!! I’ll be participating in the 5K Foam Fest in Atlanta and I have to admit, I’m just as apprehensive about this one as I was the 15K! The main thing is I don’t know what to expect… but it looks like it’s going to be a blast so even though it’s not going to be an easy 3.1 miles, it’s going to be FUN and I’m definitely looking forward to it :)

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