Boot Camp Assessments #15 — Week 61: I Am Officially a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer!


Unless you're new to my site (and if you are, WELCOME, and thanks for stopping by... hopefully you'll be back!), you already know that I've been an assistant trainer for Mega WorX Training's evening boot camp class four days a week since March 4th. I began my certification course to become a Personal Fitness Trainer around the tail end of March/early April and honestly went … [Read more...]

Did I Mention I’m Savage? {You Can Be, Too…}


I feel like the majority of my posts over the last few weeks should be prefaced with an apology for being so busy that I rarely actually post anything on my blog... but that would require me to be sorry that I'm living life outside the digisphere and well, I'm not. I do wish I had more time to chronicle things here, but I can't think of anything I would choose to sacrifice time … [Read more...]

Boot Camp Assessments #13 — Week 53: 2 Days from 1 Year Mark – Time For New Goals!


CLICK HERE and request to join my fitness community on Facebook! Last week I talked about moving AWAY from using Smith Machines for weight training and going with the barbell instead. I was already using the barbell for flat and incline bench pressing, but was using the Smith Machine for lunging and squats. My reason for the switch is to ensure that my body is making the … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY: FREE Vampire 5K Race Registration – Atlanta Run!

runfrombw copy

Friday, Barry and I will be running in the Vampire 5K - Atlanta at Six Flags in Austell, GA! This will be the first race he has run with me (first race he has run ever, actually) which I am REALLY excited about... but even more than that, it's going to be FUN! We are registered along with a couple of friends of mine from boot camp as Citizens so we'll be racing to finish … [Read more...]

Fitness Update — Week 52: Wait, Whaaaat? Week 52? :) Daaaaang!


YES, Monday starts week 52 of my fitness journey. Wild, right?! I finally signed up for a gym membership on April 12 so I can train with my husband and did the Gold's Gym body assessment. Not really sure how accurate it is as it wasn't done with a caliper test OR a bodyfat scale but with the thing you hold in your hands which I have heard isn't accurate. According to that, I'm … [Read more...]