“What I Love About My Husband” – Week 57: Who Would Have Ever Thought We’d Make It?

In less than 2 weeks, hubby and I will celebrate the day that marks SIXTEEN years since our first date :) Lord knows it hasn’t all been goo-goo eyes and kissy faces but I am grateful for his partnership in this marriage which we’ve kept rock solid for over 12 years now… and I thank him for the work he’s put in, meeting me halfway so many times and often even carrying me along to keep this thing moving forward.

I can’t imagine a life without such an exceptional man to share it with – a man who keeps driving me to be better, a man who works hard to provide more… a man who encourages me, who shares such a strong faith with me and who has strong trust in me… a man who knows his place and not only accepts but also FULFILLS his role in this family.

It is because of his nature and his spirit that we’ve overcome every obstacle that ever presented itself as a threat to what we have. My husband is a man who knows who he is and remains perpetually committed to being and doing everything to and for everyone who depends on him.

I love him for that.

What’s This Series About Anyway??

I believe that strong marriages rely on three key elements:

  1. Loveunconditional
  2. Communication – uninterrupted
  3. Affirmationuninhibited

Everything else stems from how healthy the couple is in those three areas. Because of this, I’ve started communicating my love for my husband through weekly affirmations… those simple statements of truth that let him know I see all the ways he expresses his love for me. I’ve written a lot about what kind of wife I am and how I love and support my husband. This is the other side of that :)

Read them all by clicking here: What I’m Loving!

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