Tre Busted His Head Open, but His Team Won 27-6!! #2Robertson {VIDEO}


And on to some interesting pre-gameday happenings ;)

Friday started like any other last-day-of-the-week … That morning we made plans to go to the library from 4-6 after school and the kids were all geared up for the weekend. Tre put on his white Under Armour shirt and his game jersey like he does every Friday — we were all excited for the game the following day, especially since his team’s record was 4-1 with three complete blowouts. That is, until Briyana called me at 4:30pm from the bus. “Mama, you need to come get us.


Tre busted his head and he’s bleeding everywhere… we are right down the road from [a-guy-that-we-know]’s house.” So I hopped in the truck and sped toward where the bus was stopped. Apparently Tre thought jumping to be a more efficient method of travel from one seat to the other than simply taking a step, but that didn’t turn out so well for him because he slipped and slammed his head on the metal below the window leaving him with a huge gash that gushed blood like a faucet.

He gets off the bus and the first thing out of his mouth, with the most desperate look on his face, was, “AM I GOING TO BE ABLE TO PLAY TOMORROW?!” Wow. Freaking head-blood covering his Under Armour shirt and all he can think about is how this might impact his ability to participate in Saturday’s game. IMG_20130923_214312I look him to Urgent Care and they brought us back to one of the trauma rooms immediately. A few forms later, the doctor was in the room and Tre IMMEDIATELY asked him about the game.

Fear turned to relief as, after examination, the doctor cleared him to play — as long as he could comfortably wear the helmet. (The photo to the right is his wound before and after stitches — I made it small for those who don’t really want to see it clearly… it’s clickable to the larger image.)

That night, he was pretty nervous that he wasn’t going to be able to play — the head coach (Gregory Cox) texted me to put the helmet on him to test it out and it was pretty painful, which terrified Tre. We prayed and put a ziplock bag full of frozen corn on it overnight to keep the swelling down. I messaged Barry, who is offshore right now, to pray also because I knew how devastated Tre would be if he couldn’t play… last year, he missed four games with a fractured knee so he doesn’t want to miss a moment this season. Saturday morning, Tre very apprehensively put the helmet on and I smacked him in it a few times as hard as I could — ALL GOOD! He was ready.

Coach Lee who acts as the team’s trainer/medic wrapped it up for him nicely so that his helmet wouldn’t rub against it during the game and he was good to go.











… and my favorite photo of the entire season (click to enlarge):


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