REPOST: Kids, Dads, and the Moms That Keep Them Apart

I recorded this Vlog last year (Spring 2011) … wanted to share it again for the sake of getting it out there. Perhaps it will make some mother somewhere think twice about what she’s doing to her kids by acting this way.

Denying a child’s father access to his children is NOT what’s best for the children. If you have a man who WANTS to be a father to his kids and all you can do is deny him that natural RIGHT because he’s not with you or you don’t feel like he does/can give you “enough” money, you are only hurting your kids. When they grow up, they won’t care how much money you could or could not get out of him. They’ll only care that they COULD have had the dad they needed but your spite wouldn’t allow it. What will you tell them when they ask you WHY?! When they look at you and say, “How can you claim he’s this horrible man, this terrible dad… but he was so great to his other kids? How can you say he didn’t try when I heard you TIME AND TIME AGAIN refuse to let him see me… refuse to let me talk to him? HOW COULD YOU TAKE SOMETHING SO PRECIOUS FROM ME??”

What will your answer be? How can you explain that NO amount of money was or would ever be enough for you because as long as that man wasn’t in YOUR life, you weren’t going to allow him to be in your child’s? I’m so sick of these trifling mothers making everything about THEM — about what THEY have or don’t have — about what THEY want or don’t want… and they don’t even think of how it will affect their children NOW and FOREVER! I’m almost 30 years old and I’m still ANGRY, HURT, CONFUSED, and full of RESENTMENT about my dad not being “there” for me… he simply had no interest — or at least he SHOWED no interest. If I had ANY reason to believe that my mom REFUSED to allow him to be in my life, there would be nothing she could ever say to me to heal the resentment I would feel toward her.

So ladies, please believe that if this is how you operate, it WILL come back on you… your kids know the truth and they’ll resent you for it in the end! Even if they don’t, it should be enough for you to know that you are forcing a HUGE missing piece in their lives and as a PARENT, you should never want that… you should certainly never CREATE it!!! Get yourself together and stop being so hateful that you can’t see past your own selfish motives to do what is best for the little people that you brought into this world! Are you such a small individual that you can’t make personal sacrifices to ensure the overall emotional wellbeing of your own kids???


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    I agree with everything you have said. I have read too many stories just like you described. If the dad doesn’t want to be there the kids will see it. It may take some time but they will see it.

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      Exactly. It makes me SICK when mothers insist to the kids that their dad doesn’t care when she knows that he’s trying to be there and she won’t facilitate any contact! Not every dad has thousands of dollars to spend to get the rights he deserves to his kids. That is ridiculous and it happens EVERY day. No man should have to lose so much time with his kids just because he doesn’t have the resources to fight through the system.

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