Family Time: Impromptu Water Fight!

The thing I love about my family is that we’re all fun-loving. My kids love to play, we all love to joke, and nobody minds when water goes flying through the air and lands on them without warning. :) Here are some photos I took in March after I dumped a glass of water on Briyana for no apparent reason. LOL ;)

What crazy things does your family do while giggling uncontrollably? :)


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    A few nights ago my husband and I somehow challenged each other as to who can run faster. So, after dinner we raced from our drive way down the street to the stop sign, as our oldest daughter and her friend waited at the stop sign laughing the WHOLE time.
    It was fun times! :)

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      I learned the hard way a few years ago NOT to race. I raced my kids and some of the other neighborhood kids down the street. I actually came in 2nd but then I lost my footing RIGHT at the end and rolled across the pavement. Not fun. LOL I had to play it off like I wasn’t hurt (pride haha) but oh my GOSH I was all scratched up and banged up. It was not a good look LOL!

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