Mamavation Monday: My Own 7-Week Challenge?

June 3 will mark 13 years since the day we found out we would be parents for the first time. It’s also 7 weeks from now. Since it was at that point I gained my first few pounds from being a mommy, how awesome would it be now — 5 kids and 13 years later — to reach the same weight I was that day when we sat down in the clinic and found out I was in my 6th week of pregnancy with our daughter — our first born baby? I began my personal challenge last night at 11pm when I hit the treadmill before bed with one goal in mind: size 8 jeans on an approximately 147 pound frame by June 3, 2012. That’s 3 pounds to lose per week.

My motivation? Showing off my new body (or my old body, however you want to look at it lol) in a bikini to my husband when he gets home in July ;) Now, sorry this is so short, but … I’m late for an appointment with a treadmill and an ab machine!


  1. Pipi says

    That is a great challenge for yourself. It will be a wonderful reward for yourself and your husband when he gets home. :)

  2. says

    What an awesome challenge for yourself! You an totally do it and get yourself smokin hot for when Barry gets home (like he doesn’t already think you’re smokin’ hot)! Good luck!!


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