Mamavation Monday: Still Movin’ & Shakin’ ;)

I’m horrible at this. Not the “Mamavation” thing, but the “remembering to post an update on Mondays” thing. The “Mamavation” thing, I’m totally rocking… for the most part, anyway. I haven’t kept up with the workout plan I was sent completely but I’ve definitely done what I can. The weather has been changing a lot lately causing Fibromyalgia to leave me in pain but I’ve been killing the treadmill and have done as many circuits in the workout plan as I can without pushing myself to the point where I won’t be able to move the next day.

Between running myself crazy trying to keep up with client projects, preparing for the audition last Friday, and visiting with my mother in law this weekend, last Monday’s post got lost in the shuffle. I haven’t given up though – just running a little behind. The new 2 week Challenge starts in the morning and I’m totally participating — I just downloaded my training plan and am studying it now … intimidating, but not nearly as intimidating as the modified Mamavation Mom workout I lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks with leading up to The Voice audition ;)

I was in a bikini last summer — not the perfect bikini body, I could have definitely toned up more and lost a few more pounds but for a mom of 5 who was 6 sizes larger at the beginning of the year, I wasn’t too shabby. This year, I totally intend to have that confidence back despite having gained back 17 pounds and 3 of those dress sizes back :( Going shopping last week was a bit disappointing, I will admit… but I still am in love with my curves — I just want them to be a little smaller and more defined/toned.

My current weight is 167.4 – goal weight is 145. Y’all help me stay accountable … It’s ON! This is my front/side shots from the last week or so – before pics. Size 12 in misses, 13 in juniors:


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    Take a moment and breathe…you are doing great so far. I’ve been watching you dear. Just be nice to your soul as you walk down this road and don’t be too hard on yourself…but push at the same time. It’s a balance beam. You can walk it.

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    You’ve been a busy woman… But you’ve got this.. We start the challenge this morning and its gonna be awesome. Keep up the great work, just remember its not about perfection its about progression :)

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    We all get side track with life sometimes. Just pick yourself back up and back on track. You can do this. I can’t wait to try the new 2 week challenge workout after work today. Have a great week.

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      I’m participating in the 2 week challenge… I’m not doing so hot at it so far but I’m trying! Fibromyalgia has had me moving in “slow-mo” this week but I’m being as active as I can. Good luck and THANKS!

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    You look awesome girl, but I know things get different when it gets down to the bathing suit. You have a great plan, for keeping the momentum. I can’t wait to see this year’s beach pics!!

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      Yeah the swimsuit adds a completely new level of self consciousness, doesn’t it?! Too bad everyone can’t magically know I gave birth to 5 kids — that would take a LOT of pressure off LOL!


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