I was invited as a media guest to a screening of John Carter – a new film Disney will be releasing into theaters tomorrow night. Honestly, with it being a Disney movie, I wasn’t expecting too much out of it from an adult standpoint. I accepted the invitation to see the movie at Regal Atlantic Station mainly for Barry and I to go have some alone time in the city before he left to go back offshore and to experience my first ever 3D movie :)

What the movie turned out to be far exceeded my expectations. It was anything but a simple kids’ flick. There was action and adventure and surprises and humor at every turn… there was mystery and passion, pain and bewilderment and just when we thought we had the movie figured out, up popped a clever twist that left us saying, “Wow, that was a really great movie!” It took our country’s past and mixed it with an imaginatively futuristic parallel then sealed the story with a romance that involved a broken man, a gorgeous woman, and an entire world at risk. Excitement like that in 3D — you can’t beat it!

My husband must have watched Avatar at least 20 times and when I mentioned John Carter giving Avatar a run for its money, he looked at me crazy and at first I thought he was going to disagree, but he told me he didn’t think Avatar lit a candle to John Carter. Coming from him, that’s saying a lot! I highly recommend taking the whole family out to catch John Carter — check your local listings for showtimes tomorrow, March 9th, 2012. This is one you won’t want to miss!

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