2012-03-21 : The Last Week in Tweets

  • We were cleaning the back yard so the lawn folks can cut the grass tomorrow & somehow me & the kids got in a HUGE water fight LOL #familyfun #
  • Now my iPad2 is missing. It’s about to be some drama in this house if my stuff doesn’t pop back up by tomorrow. #period #
  • This kid loves her sleep LOL ;) #professionalnapper http://t.co/se20IRae #
  • Have been trying to sleep off a headache for 3 hours. It’s not working :( #
  • 12 hours until #TheVoice Atlanta casting call! Gonna make this year #TheVoiceOfKat ;) Thoughts & prayers welcomed! #
  • Getting my mother in law at the bus station tonight. Gotta get the kids ready, grab the gun & head out. What? It’s Atlanta. I stay strapped! #
  • We’ll get home around 1:30am. I’ll get 3 hours of sleep & leave just in time to be at the end of #TheVoice line at 7. #TheVoiceOfKat :( … #
  • Praying after all of this I have good news. Tired of rejection. Lord knows in these circumstances I need His grace tomorrow! #TheVoiceOfKat #
  • Finally in the bed. Goodnight! 4 hours 55 minutes until #TheVoiceOfKat ;) Be with me, Jesus! #
  • Psalm 30:4 Sing praises to the Lord, O you his saints,and give thanks to his holy name. #
  • Was so tired I don’t know if the alarm didn’t go off or if I cut it off but I woke up at 7:06… 6 min AFTER I shoulda been at the audition! #
  • Freaked out & checked The Voice website FAQs about the audition & found out time doesn’t really matter, but I’ll be there all day now lol… #
  • Having a quiet, stress-free morning getting ready to go vie for my dream. ;) God is great & it’s going to be a beautiful day. #TheVoiceOfKat #
  • Well this made my day! Almost 3 pounds down in 2 weeks :) #mamavation http://t.co/Tspcrbtf #
  • Days like today I kinda wish I wear makeup on my face lol See how red I am?! #thevoiceofkat http://t.co/H0BBuGIw #
  • I’m here & only 4 hours late LOL I wonder how many hours I’ll be in line! I’ve met 2 super cool chicks so I’m not l… http://t.co/8mes6iwu #
  • No dreams coming true today, folks :( Unfortunately the judge for our group wasn’t feelin’ me … Mayyyyybe next time, eh? #TheVoiceOfKat #
  • Feeling blah. Try to cater to the advice of the last judge and the next is looking for something totally different. #TheVoice #LuckOfTheDraw #
  • Bright side: because of the audition, I got new makeup, 4 new outfits, and we get to spend some time with my mother-in-law this weekend. ;) #
  • Taking myself out for lunch. I’m starving. I think my stomach started eating itself already lol I need some Applebee’s in my life! #
  • Me: I made it! / My mom: Reaallyyy?! / Me: No but apparently I’m never gonna be able to say that so I figured I’d get it out of my system :[ #
  • @MrBookieboo Excited about the #2weekchallenge – can’t wait to start in the morning!! :) #mamavation #
  • Just dropped Barry’s mom off at the bus station. The kids and I had a nice weekend with her :) Glad she got to come visit! #family #
  • Obama introduces bullying documentary: http://t.co/6tnX1o4Q #antibullying #
  • The HTC® Sensation™ 4G Android smartphone is FREE online at @TMobile today! http://t.co/6JUmMsvw #
  • Me and my sweetness ;) http://t.co/l5PjlFTT #
  • I got Zoe the little monkeys book today. After the third little monkey bumped his head, she was like, “Mama them monkeys stupid!” LOL #

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