Abusing Spiritual Authority: Beware of False Prophets #NaBloPoMo

This type of thing is why I’ve never listened to a thing Creflo Dollar has to say. I mean, aside from the fact that all he preaches on is MONEY (he’s a “prosperity” pastor)… but I want y’all to pay close attention to what he says and what the subtitles say in response to parts of his sermon on this video… then you ask me why I haven’t been to church in 2 years. These days, sadly, you will find more evil, hypocrisy, and deception within those four walls than you will anywhere in the streets. I’m not speaking out against a man of God or a church of Christ. I’m speaking out against false preaching and steering people wrong when you’re in a position of spiritual authority!

As unfortunate as it may be, I don’t trust anyone else with maturing my children spiritually without corrupting them and providing “truths” from a slighted perspective, which is why I teach them the Word here at home. April Mason is an amazing woman here in Atlanta with a strong spirit that yearns for truth and spiritual purity. I wasn’t aware of Creflo Dollar’s ridiculous video until I watched this response today that she published to YouTube back in June:

I completely agree. What about you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…


  1. Cassy says

    Thanks a lot for sharing your inspiring video..Me personaly i would let my child out like 17 because the world is crazy right now and you have to pertect your child the best way you can not saying your child is going to get into trouble but there are people out there that makes you so scared. I think 17 is a good age because they are out there looking for a job not trying to be in the street .

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