How Would YOU Like To Find THIS in Your Window?

My son is the family prankster. He is ALWAYS saying/doing things to freak everybody out. I heard him a couple of hours ago yelling for Briyana to come check out the snake that was in the playroom window. He sounded pretty excited (not at all fearful or concerned)… which led me to believe he was messing with her. A few seconds later Briyana lets out this shrill scream and demands me to come into the playroom. I run down the hallway and when I got to where I could see the window, I stopped dead in my tracks. Crap, I’m totally gonna need my… CAMERA… for this LOL

The sucker was like 4.5 feet long. I mean, it scared the begeebes out of me, but I couldn’t miss the photo opp! I ran and got Barry out of the bed (he has to work tonight) and he grabbed his gun. It’s not even a shotgun. It’s a 9mm.

He got the dog off the chain and headed around the house with her. They got the snake off the window with a stick and Queen chased it into a bunch of bushes where it thought it would camp out for a while. Big mistake. Imagine my husband popping off shots into the woods at a snake, with a pistol. haha I am SO mad I didn’t get a picture of that. Oh well…

My husband shot it.

Twice. :) Bye, bye, Mr. Snake…


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    Oh my gosh!!! I can’t even believe you got pics of it, is that normal? Wild snakes THAT big? eewww! I have goose bumps just thinking about that! The biggest I’ve seen besides a “pet” snake is the little brown ones living under the big tree in my backyard. I couldn’t handle even getting my camera for that! LOL

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      LOL What can I say? I’ve got “blogger” in my blood LOL!!! Girl it freaked us all out. My neighbor came over to help (well, watch really lol) and after Barry shot it and we all started walking off, he was like, “Man, EVERYTHING looks like a snake now!” haha Everybody was pretty rattled by it. No pun intended :)

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        Oh ya know, that’s true! I “may” have had to sneak out a camera! LOL Yeah I can imagine everyone was rattled!! Great shots though, gives me goosebumps looking at them!!

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      Even though it appears I am a man vastly outnumbered, I had to subscribe and post due to all the memories your blog brought back. About 40 years ago my elderly cousin discovered a rather large chicken snake in the tool shed out back. After swiftly trotting back into the house and loading the sigle barrel “12-gage” it was all over but the shouting for the luckless viper. Cousin Charles killed a perfectly good pair of post hole diggers and the snake with one mighty pelleted shot. Good thing the lawn mower was out of the line of fire. Men, firearms and snakes, some things never change:-).

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      I did for a second, to be honest. Then I thought about all these kids that play around here every day and it passed lol My house is the neighborhood hangout so including my own girls, there are always 11 girls and three boys at my house! The hubby and our neighbor are going in half on enough lime stuff (whatever it is) to put around our properties…

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    OMG! I would have died. How did it get on your window like that? I don’t think I would be able to sleep at night. Moving would cross my mind, too! Oh, we were told that mothballs are good to put around the house to keep them away.

    Hugs and Mocha,

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      Oh honey, I had no choice. It’s the blogger in me. Photos are SO necessary in ANY situation LOL People have told me I would probably be the one whose right arm was hanging on my the skin after a bad wreck and if I could reach my cell phone or my camera with my left hand, I’d be snapping pics of all the damage so I’d have an “inside” perspective. I’m like, nah. I wouldn’t be THAT over the top… lol I don’t think anyway LOL!

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      It’s a Southern Black Racer. They have their young in batches of 8-34. Grrrrreat. :( They are not venomous but they are very aggressive and will strike if they feel like they are going to be handled in any way. From my research, I learned that even after being in captivity for LONG periods of time, you still can’t handle them or they will bite. They never get used to it and only get more aggressive. Not that I want to handle one, but DARN, what if one of the neighborhood kids (or my own) decide they wanna touch one? Too bad kids don’t LISTEN better. :( haha

  3. megan jones says

    beautiful! like i tweeted to you; i wish i still had my terrarium with all my snake stuff so i could have caught him. mannn that’s awesome.

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      It was a Southern Black Racer. They will not let you handle them. They will strike and flail wildly and never get accustomed to captivity. Nice, eh? Blah. lol Snakes suck.

  4. nicole says

    we had one at work 2 days ago- 5 ft long RAT snake. not poisonous but EEEWQWWW

    its called living in Lousiana- where I think 90% of the snake popilation ALSO lives!

  5. Marla Jo Zeller says

    All I can think of is all the children that play around your house all the time. I don’t think you ever open that window, do you? And if you did…I can’t even think about that! And Barry! He is an awesome shooter to have shot two times and shot the snake twice. It takes a very steady hand and determined mind to do that. A man protecting his family will do anything he has to and he’s a fabulous husband and father. I am, again, very proud of him. Cudo’s to Barry! Neat Pic of the snakes eyeballs:)

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      lol Mama, the kids have actually opened that window before and forgotten to shut it, which we made a HUGE deal about (thankfully) and they haven’t opened it since. I guess that’s ONE time them disobeying turned out in their favor – it’s a good thing we caught them opening it! Barry said that yesterday – imagine if it got in the house. Oh my GOSH I promise I’d lock this house up and we’d be coming to move in with you & Chris LOL

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    I would have freaked….I jumped on my daughters bed because a baby garter snake was wound in the play gate. Snakes are not my friend.
    What a darn good shot of the snakes eyes and hubby coming to the rescue. Loved that one.

  7. says

    I would have totally freaked out, I don’t do snakes at all.

    I can’t believe it climbed up on your window like that, that is really freaking insane and scary.

  8. katklaw777 says

    Why would you kill it?
    Once it was in the woods where it belongs you should have just let it go…snakes do not attack unless they are cornered.
    Do you even know what kind it was. They eat rodents and other pests. They are good for the earth and your garden.
    I do not approve of your actions at all, in fact you are promoting ignorance of nature and sending your kids and people the wrong message. It’s a snake, kill it…you and your husband should be ashamed of yourselves.
    All creatures great and small…deserve to be treated better.

    • says

      Well if you decide to choose a snake over the safety of your children, that’s your business. The snake wasn’t “in the woods where it belongs” … it was in some bushes outside our house where the dog chased it. I doubt very seriously we would have even considered chasing a snake into the woods just to play target practice. lol You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I don’t agree. It was a southern black racer which is nonvenomous but very aggressive and I’m not going to allow one of my children to be bitten by a snake. Sorry you don’t approve.

      • Valicia says

        Kids or no kids, if I see a freaking snake. I’m Killing it. A snake is a snake is a snake. Call me snake hater or ignorant of snake nature or what have you. I’ll be all of it. And I’ll only be happy until the serpent is dead.

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      I would have called the cops too if Barry weren’t here LOL! I was looking up the Wildlife office but it’s in the next city; we don’t even have one in this little rinky dink town. lol

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    Ok, that is bigger than anything TJ has found around our house. My 16 year old would definitely move out. She screamed when I showed her the pictures, lol.

  10. katklaw777 says

    You say I quote “imagine my husband popping off shots into the woods at a snake.” That’s why I said woods and that is irrelevant any way.
    I would never jeopardize my children’s safety.
    I would have taken a valuable opportunity to teach my children how to respect nature and what they should do if they saw a potentially dangerous animal in the yard. I would have explained that the snake doesn’t know any better but we do…and then I’d have my smart, strong husband find a rake and a box and move it somewhere. Better yet make some phone calls and find out what the police, nature center or someone who knows something about snakes reccomends. Not KILL IT, just because you are afraid of a creature you do not understand.
    I just googled southern black racer and they are harmless, I repeat HARMLESS, tho might bite if cornered.
    So teach your kids not to corner them.
    Yes this is my opinion but attacking me and saying I’d choose a snake over the safety of my children just makes you look bad.
    I am sorry I said you should feel ashamed in my first letter, even tho I feel that way, I really wanted you to see another way to deal with it and I guess I put you on the defensive.
    Please think about what I said, the snake did not have to DIE.
    He was not threatening your children and killing one does not make any others go away from your yard, but teaching your children about them will help them deal if another one comes along.
    It made me very upset that such a beautiful creature was killed and I was hoping that the next time you might take a different approach.

    • says

      There are woods at the end of our property in the back yard. That is the direction the shots were fired. In the sentence directly BEFORE that one, it plainly says, “They got the snake off the window with a stick and Queen chased it into a bunch of bushes where it thought it would camp out for a while.”

      I respect YOUR way of doing things at YOUR house. As for me and mine, we will be putting lime down this week so if they come in my yard, that’ll eat them up. And if one happens to slither up my house and rest on the sill of my kids’ playroom window again, it’ll be the same result.

      Southern Black Racers “have been known to charge at people in an attempt to frighten them” and “will typically strike and flail wildly every time they are handled.” I’m not going to entrust my KIDS with their own safety and assume that none of the ELEVEN or so children that play here daily wouldn’t get curious enough to try to touch one. Sorry if upsets you but I am NOT taking that chance.

      That being said, when THIS snake was found, I didn’t know what it was. For all I knew, it could have been a cottonmouth which is VERY common around here and VERY deadly. I did what I did. Hubby did what he did. You handle things how you handle them. That just pretty much is what it is.

      • katklaw777 says

        I said to teach your children a peaceful, constructive way to handle a situation.
        Do you realize you just taught your kids the best way to deal with an uncomfortable situation is to PULL OUT A 9MM AND SHOOT IT!!!
        Gee, that’s really a SAFER way to do things.
        It may be illegal to use lime in your state and I would be more worried about my kids or dog getting “eaten up” by some awful poison.
        There has to be a better way. All I asked was that you think about it…
        Maybe your God could show you a better way, since you are such a religious person. I am sure he wouldn’t say SHOOT IT and POISON THEM.

        • says

          LOL Wow. Just wow. Seriously? Now my spirituality is in question because we shot a snake? Are you just extremely bored tonight? lol

          My dog is kept in the FRONT yard, far away from the woods that occupy the area that lines the BACK of our property, which is a good distance away from our house (and was the main cause for such concern about the snake having ventured so far away from it’s habitat) where the kids don’t go because there are bees behind the shed so them or our dog getting anywhere near the lime wouldn’t happen. I don’t know what your issue is but perhaps you can find someone else to harass over the holiday weekend LOL Good grief…

          It’s amazing out of all the POSITIVE posts I’ve published on my website and all the strong life lessons I’ve posted about teaching my children, this is the ONLY post you’ve ever commented on (besides giveaways). Misery apparently DOES love company.

          • katklaw777 says

            True, I am a new subscriber to your blog.
            I was just starting to get to know you when this came up. I even listened to your song videos…….
            I have not seen all your other POSITIVE posts, I just saw this one that says “Mr. Snakey is in reptile heaven now, LOL” and “I know what it is now, dead LOL” and we shot it with a 9mm. LOL
            I tried to reason with you and I am not trying to harass you, why are you so defensive?
            Misery apparently does love company???
            What are you trying to say…doesn’t sound like you are being a very nice person.
            I am going to bed, do have a nice weekend.
            Go in peace……………………

            • says

              Perhaps you need to wake up tomorrow, come back, backtrack over your comments, and then figure out how you telling ME I’m not being a “nice” person is totally the pot calling the kettle black LOL You’re talking about a snake. It’s dead. All of this commentary isn’t going to bring him back. Telling me we should be ashamed and that we’re teaching our kids that when they encounter an uncomfortable situation, all the need to do is get a gun and shoot whatever is bothering them MAKES YOU ABOUT THE NICEST PERSON ON THE PLANET. Yeah, right. lol Hmmm… why am I defensive? You criticize me not only as a person but as a parent AND question my Christianity. How else should I respond? Maybe I shoulda just said THANKS FOR VISITING. lol

              Go in peace…………………

        • Valicia says

          You over generalize! Dealing with a snake is not a tough situation. For me its Kill it, its a slithering serpent. A snake isn’t a beautiful creature to a lot of people. And yes God created but he also created the circle of life. First natural instinct is to protect of yourself and your family. I don’t find anything wrong with what Kat and Barry did. If it were me I’d have done the same thing. I do value your opinion. However, I totally disagree.

        • says

          Give me a break, it’s a snake. I think it’s a shame you are talking like she is somewhat less of a Godly woman for killing a snake. I consider someone who is disrespectful and bashes other people to be less on the totem pole.

  11. katklaw777 says

    If you go back and actually read all our comments, you will see that I apologized for the comment about you should be ashamed.
    I was so upset at the way you handled the situation and killed the snake that I spoke harshly.
    I was only asking you to consider your actions.
    YOU started this “discussion” by insinuating I’d choose a snake over the safety of my own children. I was trying to get you to see that your way was not safer for your children. You are right I have my way and you have yours.
    My words were in response to your unkind words!
    I did not question your Christianity, geez go back and read what I said, how is that questioning your Christianity.
    We had a difference of opinion. Let it go already………..

    • says

      I’m going to agree with you Katklaw, but from a different angle. I have had a fear of snakes my whole life. I cannot touch one without getting shivers and wigging out. When I first met my husband he had 2 pet corn snakes and his roommate had a 3 ft long boa constrictor as a pet. I refused to come over to his house once cause he said his corn snake was loose. Now those are the most harmless snakes in the world but I was still scared.

      When we got married he got rid of the snakes, giving them to a good home. That was the deal.

      My husband has a very soft spot for snakes. He tells me they are the most misunderstood animals. He won’t go near a cottonmouth or rattle snake, but if it is harmless he will defend it against my pleas to “get rid of it.”

      When he read your post he felt so bad for the poor snake. It’s only crime was being big enough to scare the living daylights out of people.

      What would I have done in your shoes? Made sure all the doors and windows were shut and called Josh. He would have either called animal services or him and his brother would have put it in a box and released it deep in our woods. Then I would have told Lizzie that when she sees snakes that big she should leave them alone and we would have waved goodbye to the snake.

      I am not condemning your actions – you acted on instinct to protect your family. I am just saying that snakes are so misunderstood and maybe through proper education we can learn how to respect them and not be so scared of them.

      • says

        Hey, Annie :) I don’t have a “Josh” lol There is no one around here that is going to try to handle a snake. Of the three people on our street who assisted in resolving the situation, two of them (one being my husband) had their guns and the other one was on his way to grab his shotgun when he figured out we were covered in the firearm department already. LOL We don’t even have a Wildlife office in our area – it’s in the next town and this happened after hours at like 6:30-7pm and we pretty responded with the mentality: “Make sure this thing doesn’t hurt/kill any of the kids on this street, ESPECIALLY our own.”

        Between the three men who were involved and the neighbors who live directly next door, there are 13 children between just these families so that was our primary concern. I’m sure in every situation when you operate in hindsight there are a thousand different (better) ways things can be handled. When it comes to something that is potentially life or death, you do what is necessary and often have to simply err on the side of safety.

        We weren’t going to risk getting bit in order to transport this thing 20-30 feet to get it back into the woods it came from (especially judging from how SWIFT this sucker was when Queen chased it from the house to the bush!) So, rather than leaving it right there in our yard, we killed it. It’s the first snake we have ever seen around here since we moved onto this street 2 years ago so we’ve never had a reason to research or educate ourselves on the Louisiana snake population lol

        All of that being said, let me just mention that if KatKlaw777 would have approached me the way YOU did, there never would have been any argument. I totally respect someone’s point of view, but not when they attack me.

        :) Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  12. Paulette says

    I was in the bathroom last year and went to grab my hair dryer out of the drawer when I saw something moving! It was a black and yellow chicken snake. I about freaked. My husband got it out and told it to go on and he let it go. He also informed me that he finds a 5-6 ft skin every year around our barn (my sister saw it when he was gone to Iraq when she was helping me mow) I asked him if he was going to kill it and he said, I wont bother him unless he bothers me! Do you know that it is against the law in certain states to kill snakes. I am terrified of them but they are also terrified of us! We have to respect them. Im not saying what yall did was either right or wrong, everyone has their own way of dealing with things…… heck me and my husband are like night and day……. kill or not to kill………. heck we couldn’t even agree on presidential candidates, we had an Obama and McCain sign in our yard LOL Have a good day.

    • says

      It’s not against the laws here; or they just don’t care because that’s pretty much the only way anybody gets rid of them around here. The last animal I’m trying to do right by is a snake LOL That’s about the only thing hubby and I see eye to eye on right off the bat. If it has the potential of being dangerous to the kids, it’s gotta go.

      LOL @ having an Obama AND McCain sign in the front yard. THAT would have made me stop and TwitPic if I passed by your house LMBO!!!

  13. says

    OMG, how scary. We haven’t had one that close to the house yet. I was on the phone with hubby one day while he was leaving to work. I hear him get out of the car and then all of a sudden I hear multiple loud popping sounds. I asked him what he was doing, he responded that there was a snake in the road so he shot it with his .45 lol. It was close to the house, guess he wanted to make sure it didn’t get any closer.

  14. says

    Ewwwwwww! Snakes are gross…I hate them with a passion. Glad your husband killed it and that’s one less snake in the world. Lol!

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