My oldest daughter, Briyana, has been begging me to straighten her hair for at least a year now. I have resisted as I insist that we are a chemical and heat FREE family. I wanted my girls to embrace the beauty in their biracial hair. They have beautiful curls and very healthy hair. For Briyana’s 10th birthday, however, I decided to give in and buy her a ceramic, ion infused flat iron. I took her to WalMart and finally decided on the Remington Wet2Straight flat iron with steam. It has 30 heat settings, an on-off switch for the steam, and heats in under 30 seconds. Here are a few before and after photos of my girls, ages 7 and 10:

Briyana is 10. She has shorter hair which is very thick and very kinky.
Her hair is by far the frizziest/curliest in our house.

I parted off her hair and straightened it in about 2″ sections on medium-high heat.
{The brown part is actually the sun shining on her head through the window…}

This is what we have in the end – VERY soft and manageable.
I spray their hair with oil sheen once it is straightened
and maintaining it is as simple as brushing it out.

Talia is 7. Her hair is VERY long with tight curls and she is extremely tender-headed.
Her hair is difficult to comb through and tangles easily.

It is best to comb through each section prior to straightening it.
Guiding the flat iron with a fine-tooth comb pulling the hair straight
helps prevent “crushing” which can further damage hair.

Steam helps straighten the hair more quickly without having to do
a lot of heavy pressing between the hot plates.

This is her hair in the end… a drastic transformation!! :) It’s very silky and smooth.

I will be researching products designed for use on heat-treated hair in the coming days. Stay tuned for my opinion on which ones are best for biracial hair!

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