Tonight, I ran across this post at which was a result of this previous post, both of which addressed the issue of young girls being allowed to wear thong underwear. Needless to say, I was pretty disgusted at the idea… and I wondered what MY readers felt about it. Just for the record, here is the comment I left {yes, I realize it’s long. I’m wordy like that}…

For once in my life, I won’t write a book in a comment. I will just say um, NO. A child has NO business wearing a thong unless the word is plural and intended to refer to a pair of flip flops. Period. That dad has lost his mind. Thongs don’t make a person any sexier than normal underwear? If that is the case, why do we not see porn stars sporting granny panties? Um, duh. And walking around the house in a cami with just their underwear on? HUGE no-no.

My 9 year old has a bad habit of putting on her panties (NOT thongs, might I add – not even BIKINI briefs at this point!) and a tshirt … when she comes parading through the house, my husband quickly tells her she better go cover her body. (He also tells her ‘next time’ she comes walking through the house without her shorts on, she’s getting a spanking, but he’s a big softie and that never happens – he just says ‘next time’ again) LOL

I just posted a blog the other day about nudity around kids… I think PARENTS and same-sex children is not a big deal up to a certain point… like you said, when the child becomes uncomfortable. In my opinion that does NOT extend to step parents, PERIOD. But children, IN MY OPINION, should not be seeing opposite-sex parents nude – my husband does occasionally walk through the house in his boxers, but not the ones that are fitted – only the ones that look like shorts, and only if he’s on his way to FIND some actual shorts to put on.

Some things are just touchy and this is one of them. Lines MUST be drawn and not crossed. A little girl that old parading around in THONGS with her behind hanging out and a camisole top??? INAPPROPRIATE in every sense of the word. A little girl that age WEARING thongs AT ALL is ridiculous. What for? To hide her panty line? And that matters WHY at that age? You are okay with your child being concerned with how her BUTT looks to the outside world? That in itself tells me that you’re not worried about your child being a target for a child predator – that is sick to allow a CHILD to present a provocative image like that, and no matter HOW you spin it, thongs are seductive and suggestive to say the LEAST!

Dang. I wrote a book after all. You can imagine how horribly I fail at Wordless Wednesday. :( lol

… AND …

By the way, I didn’t wear a thong until I had A KID already… and my daughters will not be allowed to wear thongs until my husband gives them permissionwhich will probably be when they are, like, 35. LOL

So, what do YOU ALL think about this issue? I’m curious as to what views everyone else has, and what your reasons are for them… Drop me a comment and let me know what you think!

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