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“What I Love About My Husband” – Week 131: He is the Sh*t! #OilfieldWife #OilfieldLifestyle

The oilfield isn't a job... it isn't just a career. It's a lifestyle. We don't live our lives out in days. We live our lives out in hitches, always thinking 8 weeks ahead. We don't plan based on how we can arrange our schedules - we plan based on what the oilfield dictates HIS schedule will be. It takes a lot for families to be separated for weeks at a time - oilfield wives are on their own with planning, budgeting, carpooling, child rearing, errand running, juggling schedules for the kids' … continue reading this story »


“What I Love About My Husband” – Week 130: He Supports My Shoe Fetish!

Last week's post was pretty heavy so I figured I wouldn't get too deep this week. :) My husband is awesome when it comes to being interested in the things that I'm into. Whether it's my fitness goals, my career, my writing, or just what happens to be on my mind from this moment to the next, he is all in... Everyone who knows me knows that I have a certain affinity for shoes with the steepest heel I can find. I cannot get enough of them... so a couple of months ago, he told me he loves … continue reading this story »


“What I Love About My Husband” – Week 129: I Never Have to Ask Him to Change

This morning was quite emotional. I woke up to messages from two friends and a family member basically asking me if my husband was still alive. This is the second time this has happened since he started working offshore five years ago. Immediately I started Googling to find out anything I could about the explosion that happened on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and thankfully found that it was a platform owned by a corporation out of Mexico. My relief turned to fear, panic, and anxiety as I … continue reading this story »


What Part of me Makes the Decisions… #kjrQuotes

between my #emotions, my #understanding, my #conscience, my #habits, and my #sensual #high, most days I haven't the slightest #idea what part of me makes the #decisions anymore... I just know living is a lot more #fun than before. #kjrQuotes #inhibitions #quotes #quote #love #passion #life #mind #body #spirit #mindbodyspirit #thenandnow #livefullyFacebook … continue reading this story »