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Relationships: Honesty. Transparency. Openness. They’re Missing…

The one thing that's missing from most relationships, whether romantic or platonic (or a combination of both lol), is honesty. Transparency. Openness. The reality of each person's identity is lacking substantially in most cases. Why? Because over time, we change. Personal evolution is an unavoidable result of the human experience. We are told through societal norms and communicated expectations that in order to be trusted, we must be consistent. That's false. In order to be trustworthy, we must be TRUTHFUL. We become intimidated by the notion of challenging the established ideas people have … continue reading this story »

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“What I Love About My Husband” – Week 137: Opposites Attract

My husband is my opposite. He's not high on words. You won't get long responses from him or drawn out communiques... He doesn't allow people into his personal circle even in a general sense and he doesn't care much to be seen. Social media is not his forte and 9 times out of 10, his responses to my public expressions are made to me privately. A real OG moves in silence, sure of himself and unconcerned with the impression he leaves ... His utmost requirement is respect and he gets it … continue reading this story »


Her Waters Beat Wildly Amongst Themselves

Her waters beat wildly amongst themselves, deep and dangerous, daring the weak to battle ... inviting the strong to conquer. Her presence is electric and her touch can change the rhythm of your heart... The oceans of her love will only open to those who give her spirit the freedom to dance on the shore. … continue reading this story »


I’m Your Sister

What's the purpose in connecting with people if you can't lean on them? I'm here when you're hurting... when you're happy... when you're bored... I'm your sister when you don't know what's wrong, but you need someone to understand that things just don't feel right. Nothing I can say can make life feel any different, but getting it out makes it weigh a little less. I'm here to help you carry it, even if I can't make it go away. That's what friends are for. - #kjrQuotes (5/22/15) … continue reading this story »